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The Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation Incorporated researches and supports research to identify, assess and contribute to standards, metrics, best practices and emerging technologies aimed at furthering sustainability practices as they relate to domestic and global supply chain operations and sourcing.

About us

The Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation (SSCF) functions as a focal point for research institutions and commercial industry in making environmental sustainability into a basis for greater economic success. The SSCF serves as a resource vehicle through which to develop and disseminate financially viable, successful standards, metrics and best practices aimed at achieving more environmentally sound supply chains.

While there are a handful of smaller groups focusing on environmental initiatives within individual segments of the supply chain, at present no single group addresses sustainability across the entire extended supply chain. The SSCF seeks to fill that void by supporting and conducting research and best practices development that cover the supply chain, from raw material production to disposal. Our goal is to serve as a collective resource for companies working to improve the sustainability of their supply chains worldwide.

The SSCF’s research efforts will tap sustainability experts from academic institutions (such as the Robert H. Smith school of business from the University of Maryland), private and public sectors, drawing upon their knowledge and expertise to develop new or evaluate existing sustainability programs, practices, standards, metrics and reporting structures that move the art and science of supply chain sustainability forward.

What we do

The SSCF conducts research and provides funding for research into standards, metrics, practices, processes, tools and techniques that support improved supply chain sustainability. Research areas focus on myriad aspects of supply chain sustainability, including:

  • Standards, Metrics, Audits
  • Long-term strategy
  • Productivity
  • Process and program management
  • Best practices
  • Metrics and audits
  • Transparency
  • Corporate/organizational culture
  • Supplier/customer relations
  • Industry leadership
  • Enabling technologies
  • Case studies
  • Impact/cost-benefit analysis

In the emerging sustainable supply chain community, the SSCF is a uniquely collaborative partner.

  • The SSCF employs resources of the business, government and academic communities to identify solutions at each level of the supply chain.
  • SSCF Board members and proposal advisors are drawn from business, government and academic communities, which facilitates an all-inclusive approach to supply chain sustainability research.
  • The SSCF cooperates with other institutions and with firms engaged in sustainability research to produce collaborative research initiatives which capitalize on the full body of knowledge and expertise in this field.
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